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MRI Rooms

Access flooring for MRI rooms

Hospital and MRI Room Flooring

MRI room flooring has strict requirements for clean, often sterile, environments mandate the use of systems that reduce contamination, heat and noise -- ideal environments for raised access flooring. And in light of constant technological advances in the highly competitive world of medicine, flexibility and cost containment have never been more crucial.

Prestige Interiors understands the unique needs of this highly demanding, mission-critical work environment, and offers its clients direction in the planning stage, as well as extraordinary workmanship and highly responsive service throughout the life of the access flooring system.

Unique to the MRI environment, flooring must be made of non-ferrous material and must shield the room to prevent emission of radio frequency signals.

To request a quote on the raised access floor needs of your Hospital or MRI Rooms, call our sales office at 888-578-3771, or send us an email.

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