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Raised Access Floors Applications

Our raised access floor products are designed to effectively manage air flow space to ensure sensitive components remain at their ideal temperatures, as well as route unruly wires and cables conveniently underneath your work space. Products include Tate access flooring, data center products, used access floor panels, aluminum railings and CII underfloor electrical systems. 

General Offices

Data Center Raised Floors

Data Center Optimization

Equipment Rooms

MRI Rooms

Petrochemical & Industrial Plants

Computer Room Floors

Architects and Building Owners

clients and tenants expect your guidance to design and spec workspaces that accommodate today’s technology and environmental issues — as well as tomorrow’s. An underfloor service distribution system provides a state-of-the-art solution to the complexities of HVAC, power, voice and data cabling systems, and the customary limitations these systems present to building owners and architects charged with meeting the ever-changing needs of building inhabitants.
With Prestige Interiors as your trusted partner, you can demonstrate to your clients that you bring expertise to the table to:

  • reduce construction cost
  • provide flexibility in future re-configuration
  • save unnecessary costs involved in moving walls and internal wiring, cabling and HVAC systems
  • reduce lost productivity and speed revenue generation as tenants and work teams more quickly move into upgraded space
  • provide high-technology solutions utilized by the world’s leading technology brands and most sophisticated companies
  • introduce underfloor systems that enhance the beauty of the work environment
  • expand floor-to-floor space for more attractive and up-to-date interiors
  • provide “green” office environments for better air quality
  • improve the comfort level of individuals as they work
  • allow tenants to adapt cost-effectively as technological advances change the ways in which they must work

Our access floor systems assure strength, stability and efficiency, which substantially contribute to a building’s structural integrity and value. Every system component has been designed, developed and rigorously tested to ensure that overall performance exceeds even the most stringent international standards.

Architects and building owners have relied on Prestige Interiors since 1975 to assist in their client needs assessment, design cost-effective custom solutions, provide the highest quality installation that doesn’t result in a call-back, and maintain their raised access floors to maximize its wear-life. Excellent project management and scheduling enhance you and your clients’ experience of the world’s most renown high quality access floor systems.

And you’ll appreciate the broad range of choices you can provide your clients with Tate Access Floors. You’ll find high-end finishes for executive offices and boardrooms, attractive design choices for lobbies and other public spaces, as well as highly functional options for call centers and telecom and computer rooms, including:


  • Steel
  • Carpet tile
  • Wood laminate
  • Marble
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl laminate
  • Glass
  • PosiTile

Additionally we work with architects and building owners to bring their computer rooms and other areas into ADA and OSHA compliance, from consulting and planning to retrofit and installation of new flooring systems.

General Contractors

The pressure is on you from all directions, a reality we understand. We know that as general contractor, you’re expected to bring design concepts into reality within time constraints and engineering limitations, not to mention tight budgets. So every supplier you select must get it right the first time, from delivery of goods to picture-perfect installation and clean up.

You’ll appreciate our track record for performance excellence, from a thorough needs analysis that prevents work interruptions and change orders that cause costly delays for you, to highly trained and experience crews that know how to work safely and productively to install underfloor systems that create the look and high functionality your clients expect. Of the 7,000-plus jobs we’ve installed, less than 2 percent of those required a single call back to make adjustments, a client service record of which we are extremely proud.

You’ll find a broad range of choices you can provide your clients with Tate Access Floors, from high-end finishes for executive offices and boardrooms, and attractive design choices for lobbies and other public spaces, to highly functional options for call centers and telecom and computer rooms.

To request a quote on Raised Floor design consultation, installation, upgrades, repairs, parts or cleaning and maintenance, call our sales office at 888-578-3771, or send us an email at

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