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Cleaning and Maintenance for Raised Access Floors

Prestige Interiors has installed and maintained computer floors for close to 30 years. We know that it takes specially trained individuals and a full line of computer floor components to get the job done right the first time. We have full service capabilities including manpower and a complete inventory of components in Houston, Dallas and Austin. We can offer immediate response to your needs for service on computer room floors or raised floors in your office areas.

To maximize your investment in your raised access floor, regular maintenance is a must. No one understands the Tate Access Floor product better than Prestige Interiors. We can help you extend the wear-life of your raised flooring with:


  • Panel rotation for even wear
  • Understructure adjustments
  • Replacement of broken edge trim
  • Replacement of warped panels
  • Refurbish delaminated panels
  • Sub-micron filter vacuuming
  • Sealant applied to subflooring
  • Spot cleaning to remove stains
  • Professional surface cleaning
  • Detail cleaning of entry points

Prestige Interiors' underfloor cleaning service helps protect your employees from airborne contaminants which can also clog circuitry, increase the risk of fire, lead to accidental halon discharge and contribute to a range of health problems and increased employee absenteeism.

A regular maintenance program will keep your computer floor looking like new, and create a pleasant and professional environment staff, management, and clients will appreciate and respect. Our cleaning also satisfies many insurance audits, which may help reduce the cost of insurance.

You can opt for an annual, semi-annual or quarterly cleaning and maintenance contract for both surface and underfloors, as well as order spot cleaning as needed.


  • Dust and dirt are abrasive to floor surface and harmful to sensitive equipment
  • Wax build-up inhibits static dissipation
  • Loose edge trim or rocking panels can lead to a trip hazard and increased liability
  • Accumulated contaminants such as concrete dust, rust flakes, sheetrock dust, sand and carbon particles can be swept up and carried to your equipment by the underfloor air system into the work environment if it’s not kept clean

To request a quote on raised floor cleaning and maintenance, call our sales office at 888-578-3771, or send us an email.

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If you are considering a project that might benefit from raised flooring, we would be happy to set up a time to visit with your team over lunch. No need for high pressure sales, just a great way to learn more about your needs and share the benefits of our solutions.