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Data Center Optimization

Our systems will optimize energy usage

ContainAire Data Center Optimization

Aisle Containment and Optimization

Customization and configuration options allow for nearly infinite possibilities. ContainAire® by Tate Airflow provide cost effective and energy efficient combinations according to your spec or based on your needs.

Soft and hard partitions, barriers, aisle ends, doors, and hard roofs can be combined effectively.

Hot Aisles and Cold Aisles can be combined and alternated in the same space with proper optimization.

Using a combination of DirectAire, SmartAire P, and SmartAire T systems, we can even design On Demand Cooling when needed for longer occupancy to meet OSHA requirements.


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If you are considering a project that might benefit from raised flooring, we would be happy to set up a time to visit with your team over lunch. No need for high pressure sales, just a great way to learn more about your needs and share the benefits of our solutions.