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Modular Underfloor Electrical Systems

CII Underfloor Electrical System
Is Modular right for you?

Whether you are planning a new raised floor project or considering an upgrade or re-work, modular electrical systems are worth consideration. You'll need manage all sorts of trades and subs. They will each need time and will need to avoid conflicts. With a Modular design, your electrical system installation will be smooth sailing. You'll also have a reliable grid that can can be adapted for years to come. 

Modular Power Lifecycle
Savings for a Lifetime
Cii’s Modular Systems are "reusable." That means you save cost and down time each time you need to reconfigure or rebuild. 
Zone Consolidation Points make adding on a "snap."
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Reliable
Modular Power System Cost Savings
Flexible System

All the cabling is pre-cut, pre-terminated and tested used Fluke testing equipment. Then, just drop it in place for the easiest installation process on the site!

Save up to 75%
Modular Power System Installation

Why hire more installers than you need? The ease of installation and reconfiguration can save you 75% of your installation costs. 

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If you are considering a project that might benefit from raised flooring, we would be happy to set up a time to visit with your team over lunch. No need for high pressure sales, just a great way to learn more about your needs and share the benefits of our solutions.