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Structural Ceiling Grid

A whole new approach to Data Center Optimization

structural ceiling grid

A few things are up in the AIR

Why structural ceiling grid? For years, standard two by four foot grid ceilings have been supported by wire or other precarious means. With more and more wiring that must make it from one place to another, and with the need to separate cooling into rows, Tate is taking data center optimization to new heights with their structural ceiling grid.

We can help you with the specs which include "dropping" all sturctural ceiling grid detailthread to a certain height above your desired location and the structural ceiling grid ties in perfectly from there. It's a brilliant solution to a problem that has troubled architects and data center designers long enough.

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If you are considering a project that might benefit from raised flooring, we would be happy to set up a time to visit with your team over lunch. No need for high pressure sales, just a great way to learn more about your needs and share the benefits of our solutions.